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Quality and reliability


Velbus is a modular system in which one faulty module will never paralyse the entire installation.

Each module is fully independent as it features its own processor. Every velbus module monitors the bus continuously and responds whenever necessary.

The bus is based on the CAN type which is used in the automotive sector. This bus is very stable and, by decreasing the speed on the bus cable, data can be transferred over very long distances.

The bus only works with pulses. As the bus is operated by pulses, there is almost no traffic on the bus during dimming or activation of the all off function. Unlike other systems, multiple instructions (on/off, dimming, mood lighting…) can be executed simultaneously, LED feedback is very quick, no energy is wasted, etc


You can add configuration modules anywhere on the bus cable (storeroom, study) and connect your PC to change the configuration.

No one will notice any of this, as the velbus system will continue working while changes are being made. The bus cable can be wired in a loop structure so you won’t even notice any interruptions. Bus voltage is allowed to vary between 12V and 18V

10 years warranty.

In addition to our 2 years' factory warranty, Velbus offers an extension of 8 years after you are registered (max. 6 months after purchase). Please check for more information