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Superklick® Velbus® Smart Home Lighting and Heating

Are you thinking of future-proofing your home? This is now easier than ever thanks to Velbus® home automation solutions. The Velbus® system is extremely cost effective.

Home automation involves a lot more than basic functions like controlling lights or a thermostat. The Velbus® range of digital building control modules have been specifically designed to control complete range of the lighting and heating appliances in your property, as well as windows, blinds, canopies, climate control and interface with building alarms.

Glass Control Modules

The complete range of the Velbus flagship glass panel light switch with built in thermostat. All versions glass panels control modules come with built in HVAC thermostat.

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  • Easy to install

    First, have a home automation professional install your Velbus system. When done, you can configure the system yourself or ask the installer to do it.

  • Easy to connect

    The modular panel connects very easily to your existing or future smart home devices. Even with equipment from other brands.

  • Easy to use

    The panel's intuitive and modern design makes it very easy to use.

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The only digital ‘light switch’ on the market that is also a thermostat.

Imagine a cluster free wall without having to install a third-party separate thermostat in each zone of your property. Not only walls are cluster free, but you also save cost on buying additional thermostats which then also require a separate platform to control. Velbus provides a combined solution for controlling your lighting and heating both under single a platform.

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The living room light, the garden fountain, the nursery power outlets, the electric gate: these are only a few items you want to control. One of the many options is switching everything ON or OFF.

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