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Velbus, your carefree home solution

Could you imagine your life without the internet? Almost unthinkable right? New technologies are an essential part of your life today, and they surely will be tomorrow. All these technologies have a common goal: to make your life easier. Think about home automation for example. Install Velbus and discover the benefits of a smart home.

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Who doesn’t enjoy coming home in a nice warm living room? Velbus allows you to remotely control your thermostat, lighting, awnings and much more, enhancing control, convenience and comfort while reducing energy bills.

Use Velbus today to create your home of tomorrow. Velbus offers reliable, safe and limitless possibilities. Every Velbus module works independently. This allows you to easily combine multiple functions with just one push of a button. And if you’d like to add or change an option, the only thing you need to do is reconfigure the modules to your liking. Velbus solutions are designed to simplify your life.

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A Velbus system is easy to install, use and expand. If your home already has a home automation system, you can install Velbus while keeping your existing installation. Could it be any easier?